A Short Guide On Setting The Garmin Sat Nav For Beginners

Garmin specializes in providing technologically innovative products and Garmin Sat Nav is one such series. If you having trouble then our expert will guide yoi how to get free garmin gps update. It contain Garmin Nuvi devices such Nuvi 3790, Nuvi 3760 and Nuvi 3750. The prime features of Garmin Sat Nav GPS devices are:

  • Three transportation mode
  • Screen orientation option
  • Hands-free operation through voice command
  • Advanced Bluetooth pairing

If you are a new Garmin GPS user, you might get lost while setting up the device for the first time. But worry not. Here are some easy-to-follow steps which can help you in setting your Garmin Sat Nav device.

Step 1

The very first step is to set the GPS device in your car. Press together the ‘mount’ and ‘suction cup and press the suction cup on the windshield. Press the tabs on top and lower side of the mount so that it gets attached with the suction cup. Now connect the GPS device with your vehicle through a power cable.

Step 2

If your vehicle is running, your GPS device will automatically turn on. You will receive simple instructions to run the GPS device for the first time. Your GPS receiver will acquire satellite signals which means it is ready to use. Just press the ‘where to’ key and enter a destination. If you do not know the exact name, you can take help from ‘point of interest’ option.

Step 3

Start driving towards your destination by pressing the ‘go’ key. If it is a regular destination for you, you can save it in your favorite list by pressing the ‘save’ key.

Step 4

Now add a stopping point in your current route with the help of the arrow keys. Press ‘where to’ and add a destination. After selecting a stopping point, press ‘go’. By doing this, you can add several destinations in one drive.

Step 5

You can change your screen in your preferred way. Just rotate your device to change the screen into landscape and portrait. The screen will shift without lagging or stopping. If you want, you can change the GPS brightness as per your choice. Just go the the main menu and click on ‘tools’ and then on ‘settings’. You will find the ‘brightness’ option under the ‘display’ column.

Step 6

If you want to use it for other vehicle or simply for trekking, just click on ‘transportation mode’ and you will get several options like ‘Pedestrian’, ‘Automobile’ or ‘Bicycle’. Just select your mode and save it.

Step 7

You can connect your Garmin Sat Nav device with your mobile phone by enabling the Bluetooth. Just go to ‘Tools’ and press ‘Settings’. The Bluetooth option will be available now and press ‘Enabled’ to make it run. Select your device from the available Bluetooth list and click ‘OK’. You have to enter the pairing code in order to connect the device.

Tips For The First Time Users

Here are some tips which can make your experience better if you are a first time user of Garmin Sat Nav:

  • You can try Reset button if your device is frozen
  • Use TTS option to hear all the street names
  • Decrease the screen brightness to save battery
  • Use WebUpdater to upgrade your maps timely
  • If your device showing error code while navigating, make sure to update it
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